A Matched Ottoman Kilic Saber and Khanjar Dagger Of gilt copper, the hilt with characteristic lobed pommel, guard with down turned quillons, scabbard slotted to allow the broad blade to enter, and covered entirely with corals and turquoises.
The blade with distinctive T-back spine developing to a long yelman or back edge. Gold inlaid arches at either side of the forte, with a circular cartouche inlaid in gold on the right with ALLAH, and an Arabic inscription running the length of the spine to the beginning of the yelman. On the left a Suleiman's Seal inlaid in gold containing a short inscription, with a short running vine inlaid in gold at the spine as well. The gilded copper scabbard mounted en suite with the hilt, obverse covered entirely with turquoises and corals, the reverse finely embossed and chased with flowering vines overall. The dagger en suite, hilt and scabbard set with turquoises and corals, the reverse with embossed and engraved floral motifs. the blade lightly-curved and double edged, with gold inlay to the forte at either side and traces of a wootz damascus steel pattern. Mid-19th century. Light wear to gilding, minimal stones lacking, suspension rings lacking to saber scabbard. Overall length of sword 93.2 cm, blade 67.3 cm. Overall length of dagger 36.4 cm, blade 20.5 cm.